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This month I’m dedicating my posts to the hashtag #HorribleDietitian.

After recommending cured meats like prosciutto or salami to one of my clients she responded, “You’re recommending “bad foods”?!  You’re a horrible dietitian!”  Though she said this in jest, mixed with relief at “permission” to add these foods back into her diet, it got me thinking about the many ways that I am a #HorribleDietitian indeed!…when compared to traditional dietetic standards.

I’ve been “caught” recommending “bad foods” to my clients!

Today’s bad food is tomorrow’s good food and vice versa (coconut, eggs, & margarine anyone)! Stop listening to food rules, start listening to your body. All foods are good foods.

I don’t provide calorie targets or rigid meal plans!

Can I pull out a daily caloric and nutrient requirement receipt from your ear that makes allowances for wound healing, infection fighting, movement, stress, different types of movement and different life stages?! Absolutely not!  And even if I could, eating the same number of calories each day would not teach you anything about tuning into your body and tuning out the food not-so-experts trying to make money from you.

I don’t suggest weight loss to improve heath outcomes!

Gasp! Weight just isn’t a good indicator of health. Health is immensely complex, and for some reason our culture has decided that our gravitational pull upon the earth is a good way to also measure how healthy and well we are as human beings. One single measurement about a person tells us nothing; we need to look at the whole system.  To complicate this even more, body weight is not something that we can effectively control long term.  Instead, I focus on behavior changes that clients can make, and help them increase their own personal health literacy.

Stay tuned as I describe the reasons I am a #HorribleDietitian!