I’m Jessica Wilson, MS RD.  I am a dietitian working in outpatient care; primarily with people who have eating diosrders.  My professional mission is to improve the quality of individuals’ lives by building healthy and satisfying relationships with food.

This blog will focus on my experiences as a dietitian in a thin-centric, diet-focused, fat-shaming, paternalistic, and food policing culture and my attempts to change this environment.

Things that guide me:  My beliefs that you cannot judge a person’s health based on their appearance, and that size does not indicate worth.  My clinical experience that size and health are not related, and a person’s behaviors, level of access, and community involvement are better indicators of health than their anthropometric data (BMI, waist circumference, etc.)  My experience living as a queer woman of color on the West Coast.  My goals to increase health literacy, self efficacy and agency for everyone.


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  1. Amber Brown

    Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts publicly. I have been a RD for about two years and I find it extremely difficult being the only Black woman in the room at many RD activities here in Oklahoma City. I have had my share of uncomfortable, frustrating, and crazy experiences with the other RDs here. I really just want to walk away from it all, but I know that I shouldn’t. I worked to hard for the paper. Well, thank you for you blog. It lifted me up today. ~Amber

    1. nutritionbyjessica@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks Amber! I’m happy to connect with you over email anytime and offer support! ~Jessica


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