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Mindful Monday

Welcome to the first Mindful Monday post.  A reason to get up on Monday!
I’m writing a short piece about mindful eating for a fat acceptance anthology.

The following is my thesis:

How we eat.
Our recent traditions of relying on people (typically older, straight, white males) to tell us how and what to eat have resulted in our lacking abilities to trust our bodies’ diversified in shapes, sizes, colors, and histories to tell us what we need.

We are “shoulding” all over ourselves and disconnecting from our individual cultures.  I know that my intersecting identities are far different from those typically delivering all of the “shoulds” in our culture and I cannot expect them to know exactly what my body should be eating each day and how much.

To eat.
Our ability to let go of shame, stigma, and shoulds, to reconnect to ourselves, our bodies, and our cultures.   I’ll provide some suggestions.

Stay tuned for more updates on the piece and more about mindful eating.

Welcome to Mindful Eating!

Welcome to my blog and to my life.  This blog will focus on mindful eating.  I will also discuss how we’re pushed and pulled to not eat mindfully in our societies and to instead eat according to someone’s “rules.”

My goals with this blog are to 1) increase your ability to listen to and trust your body to tell you what it needs, and 2) to help you focus on behavior changes, not changes in size and appearance,  you can make that will increase health and well being.

Every Monday (Mindful Monday) I’ll post something about mindful eating and a different technique or perspective for incorporating mindful eating into your life.

In my about tab you’ll find the things that guide me: My beliefs that you cannot judge a person’s health based on their appearance, and that size does not indicate worth.  My clinical experience that size and health are not related, and a person’s behaviors are a better indicator of health than their anthropometric data (BMI, waist circumference, etc.)  My experience living as a queer woman of color on the West Coast.  My yoga practice and the awareness it has brought me and continues to teach me.