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What makes me different?

I believe that everyone’s food history and experiences are unique.  I provide personalized education and tools which will empower you to make changes. 

I know that diets do not work.  I do not sell a product or a pre-packaged program.  I am not asking you to count your servings or your calories.  I offer you a path for eating that focuses on healthy behaviors and sustainable change.

I believe that our bodies know more that we give them credit for.   I challenge you to explore your body’s inherent signals and cues.  I encourage you to be curious about your habits and how you think about what you eat. 

I believe that it is often a collection of smaller changes over time that have the greatest impact on health. 

If you would like a different relationship with food you will need to do things differently, and I will support you until you’ve met your goal.

I’m a Registered Dietitian.  I have a Master’s of Science degree in human physiology.  I have been providing nutrition care in an outpatient setting since 2007.  I began my private practice in 2013 to focus more on Health at Every Size® principles.  I received my training in strong clinical programs at UC Davis and Oregon Health Sciences University.  I look forward to working with you.

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